Creative Marketing Moment and a Little Speech from a Soapbox ~ by Kelly

Since taking over Fridays at Novel Journey I’ve been surprised by a few things.

You might ask what my biggest surprise might be…and this is how I’d answer:

Publishers pay for marketing, authors even pay out of pocket for marketing help, but often, and I mean very often, authors don’t follow through with what they agree to do.

I’m preaching to the choir right now. If you consistently read Novel Journey you are likely someone who does all he or she can to make sure your book is out there and you take every available opportunity to get the word spread across the internet and any other willing venue.

But some don’t. And as a Novel Journey spokesperson, I’d like to suggest to those who don’t work tirelessly with their publicist or marketing professional/team that a professional reputation is built one small choice at a time. And one relationship at a time. It is far wiser to build well than to attempt to rebuild from a pile of rubble.

My next big surprise is the creativity and tirelessness of many authors. Some of the biggest names have been the most professional and easiest to work with. Could there be a connection there?

My favorite marketing tools have been videos. Brad Meltzer has put together some outstandingly creative marketing tools.

You probably remember this one.

His newest marketing campaign is equally fun and creative. I received a link via email to a special message from “Brad” and since I know three Brads pretty well and a handful of others I didn’t think much of it. Until I watched it. Click here if you’d like to watch it.

I have yet to read anything written by Meltzer. And other than a quick e-interview and follow-up conversation I don’t know him. I eventually will read him because a guy with this much creative quirk needs to be on my “to read” list.

So. To all of you who are book professionals’ dream clients and quirky dreamers…thanks…you make this “job” fun.