Rain from Heaven, by Patty Mason

“Be glad, O people of Zion, rejoice in the LORD your God, for he has given you autumn rains in righteousness. He has send you abundant showers, both autumn and spring rains, as before”
(Joel 2:23).

It has rained literally for six days, at times quite hard. The grey skies, with their bleak facade, covered the earth with a blanket of drab folly. Everything looked dismal and gloomy. The trees, their branches heavy with water, drooped, as if tired of bearing the weight of the burden pouring down on them. Since new homes are going up on my street, the seedless ground turns quickly to mud, then flows like a mucky river through the street. Will it ever stop raining? The question plagued my mind as the endless stream of water dropped from a hazy covered canopy.

All too often, days of endless rain appear in my life as unseen circumstances flood my world. I don’t always like the rain. As in the days of Noah and the flood, the abundance of water can make me feel like I am drowning. Sometimes, as God commands the heavens to open over my life, I feel just like the trees, overcome by the heaviness of my circumstances. But, when I am focused on God, resting in His presence, and standing on His Word, I am not washed away like the muddy river flowing down the street.

When the heavens open to pour out His rain, it can be a good thing if I let it. As the manna from heaven feeds my weary soul, my hampered life turns into a spiritual garden, a lush green meadow. God promises to send the rains, both autumn and spring rains will come. In every season of life there will be rain. The question is: How will we respond? We can either open wide our mouths to receive what the Lord is pouring over us, or we can take out an umbrella in a poor attempt to stay dry. When the rain comes, let’s see it as a good thing. Let’s see it as a time of refreshing as His water pours from heaven to feed and nurture our souls.

Author Bio

I am a wife and mother who is madly and passionately in love with Jesus. Everything I have had the privilege to write, share, or teach is a direct result of my love affair with Jesus. As a writer, speaker, Bible teacher, and women’s ministry leader I love sharing Jesus. I enjoy helping others know Him in a richer, more intimate way. As the Founder of Liberty in Christ Ministries, God has given me the opportunity to share His love with women, of all ages, through Sisters on Assignment, Women in Christian Media, Christian TV, Sermon.net, and as a weekly co-host of WLGT Blog Radio Live.

Website: http://www.libertyinchrist.net/

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