Book Borrowing

I recently took a very brave step—I lent out all my favorite books to one person–someone I’ve never tested to see if they return books. Normally, if someone asks to borrow my books, I start them out with a volume or two that I could live without, and if I get it back, they more borrow more. If I get all my books back consistently enough, they may borrow anything.

I’m not as nice as others. Recently, someone lent me two newer hardbacks–Francine Rivers and Beth Moore. My friend said, “Return them if you if can, but if you don’t, or if you lend them to someone else, that’s okay too. They’re the Lord’s books anyway.”

How can you not love that attitude? She’s obviously learned that once it leaves your doors, you might never see them again. I suppose it easier to give permission to lose your books and hope they are doing someone good, than to feel annoyed that they never came back.

So since I’m thinking about this, I thought it would be fun to see how many books we’re currently borrowing: