Book Donations Needed for Book Auction!

Here is a drive for books that I thought you guys would be interested in learning about. If you’d like to donate books, you can contact Ms. Doyle via e-mail: doyle1718 {At}

My name is Donna Doyle and I write the web site Romance Reviews ( I live in Crofton, Maryland (located between Annapolis and DC).

Crofton needs a community center – badly. The Crofton Regional Community Center (CRCC) was organized to accomplish that goal. It is a non-profit, tax-free organization. Plans are for a two-storied building on property leased from the county for $1 per year next to the Crofton Library with an adjacent Skatepark. The cost of this endeavor is estimated to be $10 million and present plans are to raise $2.5 million annually until the date of construction – 2014. Subsequent operational costs are expected to be $500,000 annually.

That’s a lot of money, but CRCC believes it is attainable and is currently engaged in serious fundraising – no easy task in these tough economical times.

As a member of the Executive Board of CRCC I am heading a fund raiser called Book Lovers Auction on September 11th. I am asking for your help. The silent auction will be held at a reception in a local restaurant’s glorious meeting room.

Please, I need your help to make this a success and to see that Community Center built. Could I count on you for a donation – such as a basket consisting of your books and other miscellaneous items? Or some autographed books? Do you have any posters or cover art to donate? How about an autographed manuscript? If you plan on being in this neck of the woods sometime after Sept. 11th, perhaps a lunch date with a winner could be arranged? Anything you could contribute would be deeply appreciated and I welcome your suggestions.

I can assure you that your generosity will be well publicized. I appreciate your interest and hope to hear back from you soon.

Thank you.

Donna Doyle, Executive Committee of CRCC