Kirkus Reviews… RIP

Love or hate them, Kirkus Reviews has been one of the favorite book review resources for librarians and booksellers, who often look to them to decide how best to stock their shelves.

Many would consider Kirkus to be one of the harsher review publications, and might actually be happy to hear the news that both Kirkus and Editor & Publisher are being shut down by owner Nielsen Business Media, (according to the New York Times.)

Kirkus was founded in 1933 by Virginia Kirkus, and for many years, offered often tough, pre-publication book reviews. Editor & Publisher was the main newspaper industry trade magazine for more than a hundred years.

In a time when everything in the publishing industry is changing at breakneck speed, this latest news is at least unsettling, even to those whom the publication regularly snubbed.

(Nielsen is also selling the Hollywood Reporter, Billboard, Adweek, and Mediaweek. You’ll be relieved to know, however, the are keeping Progressive Grocer.)

On an entirely egocentric note, what are the odds that the month I mail Kirkus my very first ARC (advanced reader copy) for my very first novel, they would fold? I feel strangely powerful.