I’ve got my cover!

Just the other day, I was sent the jpeg for the cover of my debut novel, Crossing Oceans. Truth be known, one of my fears in the whole publishing process was getting a cover that I hated. Covers, in my opinion, matter a lot. They definitely do to me when I’m looking to buy a book.

Going in, I knew what I liked and what I didn’t. The way I figured it, what appealed to me probably would appeal to my potential reader.

Tyndale was really great about the process. They asked what sort of cover I really liked and what type of cover I would be miserable with. Being book obsessed as I am, I already had a file with covers that captured me and had already figured out what turned me off about others. I shared all of that with them.

The original cover they sent looked just like the one you see here, except the little girl’s hair was different than I had imagined it should be. I said so, and they graciously made the change.

I originally pictured a cover with lots of blues, but the pink, shell-like hues are beautiful and I’m so thrilled with my cover I could cry.

After many years and rejections, seeing my cover is one of the few sweet moments in this business and I wanted to share it with you.

Many thanks to my brilliant cover designer, Jennifer Ghionzoli. You did an awesome job. I love it!!!