E-Wars –Revenge of the Nook

This week, Newsweek had an interesting article called: Barnes & Noble Wants to Crush Amazon’s Kindle. And It Just Might Work

The article suggests that Amazon made some critical mistakes that B&N fixes with their upcoming Nook.
Though I personally cringe at the authors suggestion we should be able to share libraries with e-readers, the article is a fascinating read for anyone following the momentous shift happening within the publishing industry.

What was interesting, is not many days after I read this article, Amazon announced its intentions to create shareware that would allow PC users to download and read Kindle formatted books on PC’s.

The war is on . . . and with Christmas just around the corner . . . this could get interesting.

For anyone else, wanting ring-side seats, here are a few articles that might be of interest:

Nook: Don’t Call It A Kindle-Killer Just Yet