A Reader’s Discussion of The Shack

I recently started reading two novels at the same time. One was The Kite Runner which was exquisitely written, moving and entertaining. A masterpiece in my eyes. Can you tell I loved it? The other was a sleeper hit, William P Young’s The Shack.

This book has been on the NYT best-seller list (hitting number one) for over a year now. I was curious about the hype. Even after reading the first chapters, I still am.

This controversial book has really spoken to some good Christian folks whose opinion I trust, while others had a knee-jerk reaction to it, refusing to continue reading it, often giving the reason of not feeling comfortable with the author “putting words in God’s mouth”.

Others still have said they didn’t think the writing knocked their socks off but the story was great. And many people I know read the book and are neither moved nor repulsed, but leave it shaking their heads not quite getting what the fuss is about.

If you’ve read The Shack, what’s your opinion? If you loved it, tell us why. If you didn’t we’d love your reasons as well. We love talking books!