Your Thoughts on Book Trailers?

Gina Holmes

I’ve received a mock up of my debut novel, Crossing Oceans, and it is beautiful!!! I can’t wait to show it. When I was in the pre-contracted phase, I was worried I wouldn’t get a contract. Then when I had a contract, I was worried that I wouldn’t pull it off and earn the money and confidence I’d been given.
Now that the book is done, major revisions made, I’m really pleased. Is it okay to say I think it’s really good?

So, now I’m happy with the novel and happy with a beautiful cover and so it’s on to something new to fret about. (When I say worry and fret, I just mean a healthy concern that keeps me motivated, not a mistrusting of myself, God, my publisher or anyone else, honest.)

Now, I’m on to thinking about a book trailer. Jessica (Dotta) thinks they’re very important. I’m not as convinced, but I do think they can help some IF they’re done right.

Telling the whole story in a five minute trailer… not right.

Simply flashing the title, publisher, author’s name and book cover, with cheesy music in the background … not right.

I’ve been perusing many trailers lately, trying to gauge what works about some and doesn’t about others and I’ve come up with a basic, 30-45 second script that I think will be effective, if I can actually pull off the technical aspect.

I’m curious what book trailers you’ve seen that do it for you, that would really make you want to buy the book. Go ahead and share links to ones that work for you, or ones that don’t and tell us why they do or don’t.

Here’s one I thought was very good: The Embers, Hyatt Bass