Author Interview ~ Nicole Young

Nicole Young has a degree in communications and has earned several awards for speech writing and presentation. In 2004 she won the Noble Theme Award for the Best First Chapter from the American Christian Romance Writers. She is the author of Love Me If You Must and Kill Me If You Can and lives with her family in Michigan.

Caught in the Act

It’s such a pleasure when our kids catch us doing something right. My sixteen-year-old daughter recently cleaned one of the vacation rentals I own as a birthday gift to me. When I checked the property over, it met my high standards.

I asked her how she knew what needed to be done.

“Come on, Mom. I’ve seen you do it a million times!”

The same daughter aced the writing portions of the ACT and SAT. I wanted to shake my head in disbelief at her accomplishment. But why should her success be a surprise? As she was growing up, we would discuss grammar as if it were the weather, plot structure like we were planning the evening meal. She caught my excitement for words and brought it to her own higher level.

Our kids aren’t the only ones who catch our vibes as we chug along toward our personal writing goals. Friends, neighbors, the dishwasher repairman… We inspire them with our fearless exploits as we take a shot at getting published.

Who knows, these secret, aspiring writers might even turn off the television and turn on the computer instead. Suddenly we realize we are transforming the lives of complete strangers simply because as writers, we’re doing what’s right. Writing. May we all be caught in the act.

Kiss Me if You Dare
By Nicole Young

Tish Amble is dead — or so she’s been told. On the run from a backwoods Michigan drug ring that wants her dead, Tish Amble finds herself in sunny California with an assumed identity and a mysterious benefactor. All she wants to do is lay low for awhile, then return to her family — including her almost-fiance Brad. Instead, she ends up trying to start a normal life, going back to work on the college degree she postponed long ago, and restoring a block of homes.

But her past catches up with her. Someone sabotages her work, and Brad hasn’t called in months. Should she return to Michigan to find out what happened? Or would a homecoming be more painful — and deadly — than she’s ready for?

Full of fast-paced action and nail-biting suspense, Kiss Me If You Dare is the thrilling conclusion to the Patricia Amble Mystery Series.