Cell Phone Novels

So, have you heard about Cell Phone novels?

I know what you’re thinking. GTBK. Right? No I’m not.

Here’s the deal, they are stories, written in short sentences on the cell phone, and apparently uploaded to the web where people can read and vote on them.

Thankfully, AFAIK, it’s only in Japan.

Apparently, it’s a BD there too!

One girl sold 400,000 copies of her cell phone novel in hardback. No doubt she’s SETE.

But, SRSLY, five of their top ten selling novels in 2007 were cell phone novels first. 4RL! At least one that I’ve heard of has been made into a movie.

Now obviously, the characters aren’t going to be very deep, nor the plots. But in a very busy society where one only has time to write on their fifteen minute break, it certainly proves that “writers write.”

So what do you guys think, will the youth here be texting novels next?

Will you?