How’d Ya Do?

As usual, I have a few goals for the coming year: to finish my current manuscript by the end of March, write a second novel in nine months after that, learn more about marketing, whip my backyard into a beautiful garden, spend more quality time with my children, read a few more classics and books on the craft of writing, exercise on a more regular basis and spend more time getting to know God.

I have yet to look back at my goals for last year to see how well I stayed on track. Ane usually tucks them away for safe keeping. (Ane?)

Last year around this time I asked what YOUR goals were, and some of you shared. Those of you who wrote down some aspirations for the coming year (here or elsewhere), how did you fare?

What would you like to accomplish for this coming year? Share with us. Writing them down and telling them to friends makes you more likely to stick to them.

Happy New Year everyone!