Finding Inspiration

Where do you find inspiration? It can sometimes be as elusive as a flickering flame, but a writer must have inspiration in order to produce a solid story. Some writers find the seed of a great story in a magazine, the smile of a stranger, the eccentricities of an elderly man, or even the bark of a dog!

I’m often asked where I got the inspiration for my heroine LaTisha Barnhart. It began with the comment of an agent who really liked my feisty, mature heroine in a historical I was proposing. My subconscious tucked away the agent’s praise. Then, when I found that Barbour was launching a new line of cozy mysteries, I decided to try my hand at a genre I widely read but had never tried writing. The challenge was to come up with an interesting and fun (my requirement!) sleuth, at which point I fell back on the agent’s observation and decided to put a feisty, mature woman in the starring role. LaTisha Barnhart was born.
See how that one bit of encouragement inspired?
Where do you find inspiration? Do you find it by reading books within the genre in which you hope to be published? Or maybe you’re the opposite and find inspiration by reading outside your chosen genre. Maybe you find it in those around you or events that touch your heart. Perhaps you’re a people watcher who loves nothing more than to play out, in a character, an eccentricity portrayed by a man you met at the mall. Whatever the case, share your inspired moments with us.