Black Friday Weekend for Writers

This weekend traditionally kicks off the shopping season for Christmas. Though my husband and I have never yet participated in pre-dawn “Black Friday” rush, we did this year. Both of us wanted an item that we weren’t willing to risk losing if supplies ran out.

In my case it was an exceptional deal on a color laser printer. My monotone one broke, and quite frankly, it’s expensive to print manuscripts using ink jet.

My husband, purchased a 22” LCD monitor to better see his software when programming his music.

While I was out, I couldn’t help but notice some great deals for writers.

Student, Teacher editions of Office 2007 were/are on sale as low as $59.99

Laptops were as low as $350

Printers, both laser, inkjet, and multifunction were nearly half their listed retail price

Computer desk stations were as low as $25

Wireless Mice as low as $4.99. (I don’t now about wireless keyboards because I’ve wanted one for two years, and knew if I looked, I’d buy.)

External Hard Drive prices were slashed.

Many of the sales continue into this weekend. It’s not too late to pick your Christmas present early this year. If you want to browse some of this years specials, check out: